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Why take Credit Cards for Donations?

Successful charities have turned to credit card processing as an additional form of taking payments for donations. Easier to track than cash, credit card acceptance not only simplfies accounting procedures, it also reduces the risk of theft. The transactions can be processed online, at fundraisers or over the phone. We have card solutions that will meet your needs.

Already Taking Credit Card Payments in your Organization?

We will match your current rate and donate back a portion of the fee's you are already paying!  You have to pay the fees each month regardless of who your service provider is, why not get some of that money back for good use in your organization?

You may be paying too much!

We will analyze your last months merchant statement and show you all the fees you are paying. Banks like to bury fees on statements under interchange rates. If you are paying for unnecessary hidden fees, we can remove them, lower your rates and still offer you a donation back each month!

How does it work?

We will set-up your organization with a new merchant account at our approved partner bank. You can have fees deducted daily or monthly, whatever works best for your organization.  We send you a portion of the fees you were billed via ACH or check on the 26th of each month following your statement!  It's that easy! Donations every month!

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